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hf dual directional detector

The other lead should be soldered to the main trace,take care to route this lead low and away from the side of the core Prepare the transformer coupling loops by cutting the 3 piece of Teflon wire into two 15 inch piec Remove 1/8 3mm insulation from both ends of the wir Tin the ends...

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Microwave Engineering

Microwave Engineering - Directional Couplers A Directional coupler is a device that samples a small amount of Microwave power for measurement purpos The power measurements include incident power, reflected power, VSWR values, etc Directional Coupler is a 4-port waveguide junction consisting of a primary main waveguide and a secondary ....

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Directional Couplers

Select Coupler Subcategory 185 292 43/10 Type N SMA Couplers We offer SMA, 292mm, 43/10 Directional couplers, useful in tapping off a portion of a signal, often for monitoring purpos The 43/10 Couplers are low PIM Please select from the drop down menu to find the exact coupler category you re looking for 185mm Couplers...

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114 S Main St, Putnam, CT Public Records

114 S Main St is a single family house The building is 61 years old The house was sold for 163,000 on Apr 28, 2016 The building is located on the parcel PUTNM 015L 196U 000 It has five rooms and three bedrooms There are one full bath The square foot of this property costs 1372 This is a ,...

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